3.3 kW Compact Portable Charger

Safe and Reliable EV Charging Station for home, workplace and more

The perfect charging station for your Residential and Commercial Area Applications

Tucker AC Charging stations offers an effortless home charging experience with high performance, low maintenance and future-proof. Its modular design and simple interface makes electric vehicle charging and installation easier than ever before. It provides you with real-time charging session insights and includes remote control and monitoring.


Planning to buy another electric vehicle in the future? Tucker AC Charging station keeps up with your evolving needs thanks to its click-on features and modular design. This allows the charging cables and charging capacities to be easily upgraded to adapt to new vehicle requirements.​

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Rated Operating Power Supply 230V ± 10% , 50/60Hz
Max Current 16A
Max Power 3.3kW
Power Accuracy Grid Responsive Meter with ±1% Accuracy
Communication Standard OCPP 1.6j(Upgradable)/ Wi-fi
Plug Type India / US / Europe Compatible
Chargeable Devices EV Cars


Plug in the cable to charge, and unplug to drive. We keep it safe and simple, so you can enjoy the full performance of your electric vehicle with zero effort. More than just a charging station, Tucker AC Charging Station can connect to any backend via OCPP to provide you with real-time charging session insights.

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Where do you want to install charging stations?

At home, at work, or in public locations? Our EV charging stations are designed for any space cars that are parked for a quick stop or a full day or night.




Workplace /Commercial Fleets




Public Locations