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Type 2 3.3kW OCPP | Non OCPP Personal Charger

Type 2 3.3kW OCPP | Non OCPP Personal Chargercharger can be used in a variety of settings, such as at home, at work, or in places where a permanent charging station might not be available. The charger's compact shape implies that it is lightweight and small, making storage and transportation simple. Those who like to keep a car charger with them so they may charge on the go will find this to be especially helpful. The ability to move the charger from one place to another with ease is implied by portability. For those who might need to charge their electric cars while travelling or at different locations, this could be helpful. It's likely that the charger was made to work with electric cars that can accept level 2 chargers.

Type 2 AC Charger
Safe and Reliable EV Charging Station for home , workplace and more

In AC charging station the Type 2 connector, sometimes referred to as the Mennekes connector, is a charging plug standard that is mostly utilized in Europe. It is intended to be charged using alternating current (AC).Because of its adaptability to different power levels and ergonomic shape, the Type 2 connector can be used for both rapid and gradual AC charging.Level 2 AC charging is frequently connected to Type 2 connections. Electric vehicles are charged at Level 2 (alternating current) at a rate that is usually faster than at Level 1.Smart charging functions, which let users to monitor and manage charging sessions remotely, may be included in some Type 2 chargers. These features improve the user experience in general and help charging networks operate more efficiently.

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