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DC wall mounts are made to provide different systems or gadgets with DC power. The application and specifications of the devices being powered determine the precise voltage and current rating.DC wall mounts usually come with hardware or mounting brackets that let them be fixed to a wall firmly. This ensures stability and convenient power source access.powering automation devices, control systems, and industrial machinery.Safety features like short-circuit, over current, and over voltage protection can be found in high-quality DC wall mounts to guard against damage to linked equipment and guarantee user safety.Effective and dependable DC wall mounts reduce downtime and any operational interruptions by assisting in ensuring consistent power supply to linked equipment.


Main Feature Of DC Wallmount

"We can provide you with a general list of the main features commonly found in a DC wall mount charger . For the most accurate and up-to-date information, customers should check the product specifications from the manufacturer or official sources."

  • Future-proof, easily upgradable technology
  • Supports the open communication protocol OCPP

Integration with
Renewable Energy

Forward-thinking wall-mounted DC chargers may have the capability to integrate with renewable energy sources, allowing users to charge their vehicles with cleaner energy.

Smart Charging

DC wall-mounted chargers include smart charging features. This can include communication with the vehicle to optimize charging speed and user-friendly interfaces.

Security Measures

Security features, such as authentication protocols and secure communication channels, are crucial for protecting against unauthorized access and ensuring data integrity.

DC Wallmount


Tucker chargers come with an extensive suite of connectivity features including remote monitoring, remote management and smart software upgradability. These advanced services enable high uptime of the equipment, a fast response to problems and provide owners of chargers with powerful insight into statistics of their charging operation. Tucker supports all currently available open charging standards, which enables providing charging services to widely available electric vehicles. All chargers can be combined with comprehensive solutions for user authorization, payment and network connectivity. ​